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山ノ内 旅行

Trip to Yamanouchi! To see snow monkey bathe in onsen! 

In Yamanouchi, we came across this museum, it is designed by the renowned Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa, also the architect for KLCC.

In Japanese space design, seeks harmonize architecture and nature, to make them one, as an equal partners. The elliptical shape of the museum introduces elements of lights, shadow, wind and landscape into the spatial composition. The museum shop and cafe are inside the transparent, cone-shaped glass structure. It was on holiday so it’s closed..hope to visit again. 

things i like:
art : living theatre : architecture : antique markets : milk chocolate : idealistic & passionate : wabi-sabi : dreams to build boutique hotel : 19th century french interior : sashimi & spaghetti : green : interior decoration : cirque du soleil : Ando Tadao : decadent : would pack and go morocco : puppet show : Marie Antoinett : photography

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